Spontaneous Festival

Picked up our hire car in Lisbon, PORTUGAL to drive down the west coast towards to Algarve. Just casually going, stopping at beautiful beaches for swims and pictures just enjoying our day. Was getting late in the afternoon so we thought we would head back out towards the beach to find somewhere too sleep and eat before it got dark. As we were driving we came across a police officer in the middle of the road directing traffic….”fuck” was our first thought then it quickly changed as we looked out the windows there would have been 1000+ cars, massive rides and loud music. Sickkkkk we thought theres a show or a amusement park set up, so we decided we would check it out and went too the front gate and noticed people with towels and esky and tents….. it was a Camping MUSIC FESTIVAL!!!

We immediately bought tickets and decided we would go to the closest town to style up and grab some drinks to get us started… Turned into one of the wildest nights together, from laughing and playing games too dancing and jumping around too the music.

Later on I realised that the most SPONTANEOUS nights where nothing is planned,  turn out to be one of the highlights of my travels. So when something turns up infront of you don’t think too much just GO FOR IT!!!!


So Lets Go

Bag on my bag , that full it was way to hard to zip up, over packed as we always want to bring our favourite stylish clothes… All ready to fly out from Brisbane AUSTRALIA – all the 20+ hours too London Heathrow airport. Excitement and nerves had started to kick in heavy!!!!!!! Laterz Stryaaa